The Smartpress Support site needed to serve as an online resource for users to search and find answers that gave them the best results on the Smartpress platform. We needed to not only lead the pack in print quality and brand experience but as a go-to resource for people in search of print-specific educational content. Transforming the Smartpress Support interface into a one-stop resource for easy-to-understand print content.


ROLE: UI/UX Designer

COMPANY: Smartpress

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Support article pages with a fixed content breadcrumb feature follow the user down the page for scanability of article content. A slimmer width of the page allows for an easier read with site-wide breadcrumbs at the top to allow for easy-to-follow directions home, with a search ever at the ready at the top of the page.

A robust search is the heart of this project, real-time scanning of content based on the inputted search terms for quick searching and an obvious path forward. If nothing is a match, a popular search term is there at the ready to keep that forward momentum.

Tagging article types allows users to easily filter their search results by the additional content media they wish to see. Today, Smartpress supports article types can include video media and downloadable files, visually represented by these icons.