Print Points, a loyalty program by Smartpress, is a rewards-based system allowing users to earn points by purchasing print and other print-related services. Print Points includes four tiers, CMYK. Each level/tier includes its varying level of incentives. The look and feel of Print Points needed to be bold and vibrant, pulling inspiration from the very name of its levels, CMYK. Keeping with the trends of web interfaces today, gradient coloring, and large typography, this program stands out amongst the existing Smartpress interface.


The program itself needed to the streamlined and simple. The varying tiers needed to be obtainable and easy to follow. Loyalty programs in an online print world are uncommon, Smartpress needed to lead the pack.


Users are auto-enrolled into program and start at level Cyan, a yearly spend limit needs to be maintained to stay in the current level. Points are then earned through online purchasing and redeemed within the cart once ready to checkout. Point value is then removed from the users account, this however, does not impact the users level.


My task was to research existing programs in and outside of the relm of online print. Analyize what made them successful, and help guide the business decisions for level tier thresholds and added user benefits.

ROLE: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher

COMPANY: Smartpress

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The Print Points landing page needed to be bold and vibrant while living on the Smartpress site. The content needed to be easily scanable, explaning the program easily without being overly complicated or wordy.

Once logged in, the lading page interface is updated to reflect that users current tier/level. Coloring is updated to increase that one-to-one recongnition. User specific data is also included to give the page a personal feel.









The Print Points section within the user dashboard allows the user to have a better view of their current level/tier status. This view includes a yearly spend meter, current account balance, and expiration date indications for both tier status and points.

A new set of iconography was designed for this program and needed to maintain the Print Points look and feel. Although a product and program of Smartpress, Print Points needed to stand out and stand alone as its own branded experience.